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Plan against the spread of Covid

Plan against the spread of Covid

Below is a list of measures published by the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute and implemented by our Safety Committee.


  • The maximum number of people allowed in reception will depend on their ability to keep a 1.5-metre separation between cohabitation groups.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory inside the hotel, especially in reception and in the communal areas.
  • Guests are encouraged to use the hand sanitiser available at reception and in the communal areas.
  • Payments should preferably be done by bank transfer, credit card or any other means that avoid physical contact. The POS system and counter are disinfected after each use.
  • Room key-cards are disinfected after each departure by our staff.
  • Luggage is disinfected after every time it is carried or handled by our staff.
  • The maximum capacity of bathrooms and lifts in communal areas is limited to 1 person, except when it is being shared by people who live together.
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Preventive measures

  • ALL members of staff know the plan against Covid-19 and have been duly trained and informed about the health regulations.
  • Staff temperature is measured daily at the start of each shift.
  • Physical contact will be avoided at all times, keeping the safety distance and wearing a mask.
  • The cleaning staff will conduct a cleaning and disinfection programme every day in the communal areas most likely to transmit the disease, such as the stairs, lifts, handrails and banisters, buttons, doorknobs, tables, communal bathrooms, as well as any vehicles, objects and products that come from outside the building.
  • We will guarantee at all times that all interior communal spaces are well ventilated by not closing doors or windows to keep the air circulating; should this not be possible, we will ventilate for anything between 5 and 10 minutes at least 3 times a shift (beginning, middle and end) and after every time a group of people from outside the building leave.
  • We will make sure no objects, devices and utensils are touched by both guests and workers and, when this is not possible, they will be cleaned and disinfected after every use and before being shared. After touching them, we recommend using hand sanitiser.
  • Physical contact will always be avoided, keeping the safety distance and wearing a mask at all times.
  • Staff clothes, guest clothes and bedding are individually bagged and washed at temperatures above 60ºC.
  • Cleaning staff will wash their hands before entering any room to clean it and remove the bedding and other items. The items removed from the rooms are put in individual sealed bags to be taken to the laundry room, where the trolley will be disinfected.
  • At the end of the shift, members of staff throw their personal protective equipment into a bin with a lid and then wash and disinfect their hands.
  • Cleaning trolleys are disinfected before starting any task.
  • In the kitchen, the kitchenware is washed at temperatures above 60ºC.
  • All bins have a pedal-activated lid and are lined with a plastic bag.
  • Hand sanitisers are replenished daily in the communal areas.
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  • After a guest’s departure, we disinfect every surface of the room, including the infection hotspots (laminated information, countertops, kitchen and kitchenware, doorknobs, light switches, coat hangers and hair dryer).
  • Rooms are ventilated for 1 hour before guests are granted access to them and, if necessary, cleaned with ozone to eliminate smells for up to 2 hours.
  • Auxiliary textiles are protected with bags.
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More information

  • Guests can use our contactless thermometer to control their temperature.
  • Emergency telephones are placed in visible places.

Safety committee

  • The committee is made up of a manager and 2 workers.
  • This committee evaluates the risks and defines the strategies to keep risks to a minimum by setting objectives and evaluating the effectiveness of the measures implemented as part of the plan against the spread of Covid-19.
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Information for guests displayed in communal areas

The ICTE protocol against the spread of Covid-19

  • We have a manual on how to avoid the spread of Covid-19 available to guests and workers alike.
  • Guests can request masks, hand sanitiser and gloves at all times (price of kit: €3). Request it at reception.
  • Please keep the safety distance of 1.5 metres between people and wear a mask in the communal areas.
  • The lifts and communal bathrooms are limited to cohabitation groups or up to 1 person.
  • We have a digital thermometer at our guests’ disposal. If you detect any symptom, let us know.
  • Rooms and communal areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • There is hand sanitiser at your disposal. Communal bathrooms on floor -1. We recommend frequent hand washing.
  • Guests can use the laundry room and luggage storage in the Real Segovia apartment building.
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Useful telephone numbers

  • Hotel: 921 461 300
  • Medical assistance: 900 222 000
  • Fire service: 921 422 222
  • Local police: 921 431 212
  • National police: 911
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